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New England
Family and Wedding Photographer

                                  storyteller for all who have a story to be told

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I am so happy you are here, seriously, I wish you could see the smile on my face.

It's the type of smile that is so big wrinkles surround your squinted eyes. Yeah, I’m that happy.

My name is Paige Parmentier and I’m storyteller for all who have a story to be told.

Can I let you in on a secret?

Everyone has one.

Everyone's story is deserving of being told,

Everyone’s story is worthy of being heard,

Everyone’s story should be documented. 

No matter, no because, of who you are,

Where you’ve been,

The paths you’ve walked,

& the mountains you’ve climbed.


My story is unique and different, just as yours.

I went through life questioning who I was and who I wanted to be.

I always loved photography but worried that by mixing passion with profit it would dull the spark.

I laugh now because the spark is brighter than ever.

Deciding to become a photographer is one of my favorite chapters of my story.

By booking with Pictures by Paige, you become apart of my favorite chapter.

You become apart of my story.


I’m an antique lover, sea glass collector, holiday enthusiast, travel lovin’ twenty six year old hopeless turned hopeful romantic married to my best friend of nine years.

I’m a lover of black & white photographs and candid laughter.

I focus on the raw, sometimes messy, beautiful moments of life because

those are the moment that matter.

Attending to the magic of light, movement, and emotions.


Allow me to be the artist behind the lens to capture your story.

Your unique, beautiful, messy, imperfect, magnificent, story.

meet your photographer

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moments turned into memories


Family Session

Paige is truly an incredible photographer.
Not only is she very talented in the way she captures precious moments, she is an authentic, kindhearted person.
She is vulnerable in the sense that she wants to connect with her clients on a deeper, personal level.
I found Paige for our family to take maternity pictures. Since then we have had many sessions with our firstborn son.
We look forward to our silly, fun sessions with Paige.
She puts her whole heart and soul into her job, she loves what she does.
I highly

recommend Paige to anyone who needs a great photographer that they want to fall in love with and use over and over throughout the years.
I will always shout from the rooftops,
“ Go hire Paige as your photographer”!
I promise you will love her!!!!

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kind clients

Let's talk, tell me your story...

Clinton, CT o6413

Tel: 860-304-7094



I am excited to get to know you!