frequently asked

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do you edit the images?

Yes! Every image that is delivered through your private online gallery is hand edited, one picture at a time. I spend hours editing, making sure the details of your session are as beautiful as how I witnessed them to be the day of.

how many pictures will we receive?

The number of pictures delivered depends on: length of session, location, time of day, and cooperation of children etc! The typical number of pictures received with each session is located under the investment tab.

Regarding weddings, Pictures by Paige typically delivers between 100-150 images per hour!

will we receive the raw unedited images?

Raw and unedited images will not be available for viewing or purchase. The images selected for editing as well as the final gallery delivered reflect my very high standards. Images not delivered are outtakes. All images that reflect my standards and my business will be delivered!

how would you describe your style?

I am a natural light lifestyle photographer focusing on candid moments. This means that I use natural light, even when indoors, to capture the authentic beauty of the setting. I focus on the raw and the real moments, even the ones less perfect. I love to present my clients with prompts so that I am able to put a pause on the laughter, love, and happiness. There will be lots of tickle fights, kiss attacks, piggy back rides, bear hugs, and games of tag.


My editing style reflects my goal which is to capture the most genuine moments and memories from our session. I bring attention to detail through lighting and shadows bringing life to the beauty of the moment. 

will you change the style of your photography for each individual?

My editing style is a huge part of my brand and to change that to fit the needs of every single client would go against everything that I have worked incredibly hard to create. I understand if my style isn't the best fit for you! In that case I would be happy to help you find a photographer that is!

do you require a deposit?

Yes! A booking fee/retainer is due in order to reserve your date.

All other questions will be found under the investment tab or in the contract that I send to clients before booking a session. If you have a question that you can't find the answer to please reach out!


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